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FIST > Banana!

I learned something today. Thank you. I think I've seen that monkey-(or is it a chimp?) face looking back at me in the mirror before. Great job!

Raulbarrera responds:

lool xD ty

Blew a boat through my O's

Fill it up again.



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Ahh floppy disks...

Watching this I was instantly transported back to being a kid sneaking out of bed at night to play Castle Wolfenstein and trying to fire up that loud-ass Apple II without getting busted by my parents. Great job of recreating that feel. Fun song at the end too.

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This is terrific! There's a very joyful vibe to this that grabbed me right away. Great job on the percussion. Must've been a lot of work to do all that. The solo was a thrill ride. I really got the impression of someone giving their all, playing to a live audience and bringing the house down. Very spontaneous sounding and took the whole thing to a new level. Man, I would love to hear this with a live band especially that soli section at 1:25. That coda was sweet, too. Those pretty chords were nice on the ears after all the intense percussion and gave it a sweet, nostalgic feeling.

Nimble responds:

I'm glad you liked it Acme! I tried to give it the right groove feel without it being square, and let me tell you that was difficult as hell. The percussion was definitely something I had to give a couple different options to myself to see which one i liked the best. Now that I'm in Uni and some people are interested this was one of the charts talked about in little pow-wows. Thanks for listening and stay on the lookout! :)

Stellar! The little Holdsworthian part on the first solo put a smile on my face. I also especially liked the ending. Glad to see you are doing the Death Match again. Good luck :)

This beautiful music and poignant title caught me off guard and caused me to tear up in a crowded coffee shop. Now I sit here, reduced to a sniffling spectacle. Writhing in public discomposure while hiding behind a coffee cup. Thank you for sharing it.

drumdude responds:

Haha,my apologies for making you a sniffling spectacle. Its so mind-blowingly cool that something like music can affect someone in such a way. It's why I do what I do, and this review is a pleasant reminder of that.


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Beheaded in the shower?
Helluva way to go!

jouste responds:

you know it!

thanks for the highscore pal!


Fierce Yoda expression! YES.

Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to brutal bass clef-age.

BoMToons responds:

Ha ha, awesome comment!


I think the layout/composition is sweet. I really like the color choices too. That skull is really cool-looking. Is the bike a fixie? Primo stuff man.

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